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Competition Kicks Off
in October

Get a head start. Plan your participation and get your
teachers and students excited for this state wide event.

New Hampshire’s Second Annual Virtual Coding Competition

Showcase your school’s spirit and STEM skills.

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Competition Kicks Off in October

Get a head start. Plan your participation and get your
teachers and students excited for this state wide event.

Important Dates

Week of Oct 1, 2018 KICKOFF – Webinar for Educators
Oct 15 – Nov 4, 2018 Boot Camp for students
Nov 5 – 14, 2018 Qualifiers
Week of Dec 3, 2018 In-Person Finals (Location TBD)

The New Hampshire Cyber Robotics Coding Competition is an exciting online competition in its second year using a cloud-based simulation platform featuring a virtual, 3D animated robot. The competition focuses on code development – the new frontier of STEM – Teams in grade levels will compete from any Chrome computer browser to complete missions and challenges. Winners will be the schools who can best strategize, plan and complete the challenges.

Face to Face Codeathon followed by an award ceremony for the winning coders and schools.

CoderZ  is a cloud-based platform that features a virtual, online, 3D graphical simulation of common robotics kits. CoderZ has a coding interface where users can activate the virtual robot, or “cyber-robot”, and watch the results in a real-time and accurate simulation. CoderZ uses curriculum and structured missions for students to learn STEM through the use of software code. Students learn the basics of coding and robotics through the fun, gamified platform where they accumulate points and are rewarded for their achievements.

  • Get educators and students excited about Computer Science
  • Develop collaboration between New Hampshire companies and DOE
  • Encourage participation – recognize schools & teachers investing in STEM
  • Lower the fear factor from coding, robotics and technology in general

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The Department of Education of New Hampshire and the ISCEF Foundation have combined to launch the SECOND Cyber Robotics Coding Competition in the state (NH-CRCC). CRCC is a virtual competition offering easy access to students of middle school grade levels to an exciting competitive event to challenge their skills and showcase NH school’s STEM achievements.

  • The competition kicks off on October 1st with a teacher orientation and training. After this, the competition platform, CoderZ from Intelitek, is available to all teachers to practice and learn how it works.
  • On Oct 15th, the competition starts (Boot Camp) – students have access to a series of challenges to solve by coding the virtual robots. Registration will remain open, more schools and students can sign up until Nov 4th.
  • Schools who complete the most challenges and have the highest participation and diversity of students, teachers and grades before Nov 4th will qualify for awards.
  • All participants will advance to the Qualifiers – a week long coding event with master challenges from Nov 5th to 14th.
  • Qualifiers with the best results will progress to the face to face finals on Dec 3rd at a location which will be announced soon.
  • Awards will be presented at the event on Dec 3rd.

Awards will be presented for:

Inclusiveness School with highest % of students participating in NH-CRCC out of total enrollment
Diversity (Grace Hopper Award) Highest % of girls participating in NH-CRCC out of girls enrolled in the school
F2F Challenge Winner Team with the most points and the best quality of code in coding faceoff

First, Second and Third Prize will be awarded

Robotics and coding create pathways to careers and jobs in industry – through robotics, students in middle and high school learn not only mechanics and programming, but also the math, science and engineering principles behind robots. Cyber Robotics and Coding will help New Hampshire schools expand their approach to STEM using virtual training tools and take the skills that students learn to new practical levels.