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About Us

ISCEF is a non-profit organization focused on resolving issues of accessibility for K-12 and Post-Secondary public institutions in the US that want to implement modern technological education to better their students

Working together with local and national corporate, industrial, and non-profit partners, ISCEF aims to assist schools in the funding of programs that will enable their students to discover STEM and CTE subjects in a more meaningful way.

In 2016 alone – we met approximately 90 schools that wanted to implement programs in coding; robotics; machining; manufacturing, automation and similar fields, but were unable to start their STEM and CTE programs because of budget constraints.  This number is expected to grow in 2017 as initiatives to increase American manufacturing and innovation surge, but educational funding is not keeping pace and is even decreasing.

The impact is clear. Students attending these schools will be at an inherent disadvantage when competing for future jobs, and industry will be limited in its ability to expand and deliver results because of the shortage of a skilled workforce.